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Kitchen and Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems

Pyrotech has installed thousands of kitchen fire suppression systems- from food trucks to major commercial kitchens – in the St. Louis Area, Eastern Missouri, Central Illinois, and Southern Illinois.

Pyrotech performs six-month maintenance on thousands of kitchen fire suppression systems each year.

Pyrotech is an authorized distributor of the Ansul, Pyro-Chem, CaptiveAire CORE, Amerex, Buckeye, Badger Range Guard, Guardian, and DENLAR kitchen fire suppression systems.

Have a question about a kitchen or restaurant fire suppression system? Pyrotech installs and services all makes and models; call us today!

Ansul R-102 Restaurant Fire Suppression System

  • Pyrotech is an authorized distributor of the ANSUL R-102 RESTAURANT FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEM. The Ansul R-102 Restaurant Fire Suppression System protects more food service kitchens from fire than any other brand.
  • The Ansul R-102 system utilizes ANSULEX, which quickly knocks down flames and cools hot surfaces, while generating a tough vapor securing blanket that helps prevent re-flash.
  • The Ansul R-102 system is ideally suited for commercial kitchens in fast food chains, retail food courts, diners, convenience stores, catering facilities, mobile food trucks, hotels and casinos, stadiums, schools, hospitals and more.
  • The Ansul R-102 system is cooking equipment friendly and offered in two designs: Appliance-Specific and Overlapping. The appliance-specific design aims the nozzles at the specific hazard areas of each appliance.

Pyro-Chem Kitchen Knight II Fire Suppression System

  • Pyrotech is an authorized distributor of the PYRO-CHEM KITCHEN KNIGHT II Restaurant Fire Suppression System. The Pyro-Chem Kitchen Knight II Restaurant Fire Suppression System is a pre-engineered system providing flexible, effective fire protection.
  • The PYRO-CHEM KITCHEN KNIGHT II system employs a potassium carbonate-based wet agent that knocks down flames, cuts off air to the burning grease and cools the hazard area to help prevent reflash.
  • The PYRO-CHEM KITCHEN KNIGHT II system is designed to protect cooking appliances such as fryers, griddles, range tops, upright broilers, charbroilers and woks; and associated ventilating equipment including kitchen hoods, plenums, exhaust ducts and grease filters
  • The PYRO-CHEM KITCHEN KNIGHT II system is available in a variety of sizes suited to fit specific needs with flexibility to accommodate changes to appliance layout or the expansion of a cooking area.

CORE Fire Protection System

  • Pyrotech is an authorized distributor of the CORE Fire Protection System.
  • The CORE Fire Protection System suppresses fires by delivering a fine mist of water mixed with a soapy agent (surfactant). Water is delivered to the CORE Fire Protection System via sprinkler lines or domestic water.
  • Nozzles are arranged at equal spacing (overlapping protection), which allows users flexibility when relocating appliances.
  • The CORE Fire Protection System uses a fire-stat which electronically actuates the fire suppression system based upon the temperature under the hood or the rate of temperature rise.
  • The CORE Fire Protection System is ideally suited for high-rise buildings, hospitals, and other environments with large number of occupants and heightened risk of collateral losses.

Amerex KP Fire Suppression System

  • Pyrotech is an authorized distributor of the AMEREX KP RESTAURANT SYSTEM. The Amerex KP Restaurant System is a cost-effective and competitively priced kitchen fire suppression system.
  • The Amerex KP Restaurant System is designed to provide maximum flow point coverage with minimal nozzles, saving material and labor costs
  • Appliances can be protected with either appliance-specific coverage or zone defense coverage. Zone defense is a great option for restaurant owners who anticipate making changes to their appliance line-up and want to minimize future costs associated with modifying their fire suppression system.
  • Mechanical or pneumatic release options

Buckeye Kitchen Mister Fire Suppression System

  • Pyrotech is an authorized distributor of the BUCKEYE KITCHEN MISTER fire suppression system. The Buckeye Kitchen Mister fire suppression system’s greatest asset is it’s uncomplicated design which minimizes the potential for design and installation errors.
  • By eliminating the labor-intensive task of installing conduit, corner pulleys, and detector brackets, the Kitchen Mister System dramatically reduces installation time.
  • Color-coded nozzles for easy identification
  • Flexible piping requirements

Badger Range Guard Fire Suppression System

  • Pyrotech is an authorized distributor of the BADGER RANGE GUARD fire suppression system. Range Guard was the first UL-Listed wet chemical fire suppression system.
  • Range Guard exceeds UL 300 standards and are designed to easily fit in any kitchen layout.
  • Removal of heat source as Range Guard system automatically turns off appliances
  • Quick, easy clean up once appliances have cooled, the agent can be easily wiped away from equipment

Guardian Fire Suppression System

  • Pyrotech is an authorized distributor of the Guardian fire suppression system. Guardian Safety Solutions International Inc. manufactures residential range top fire protection systems
  • Over 400,000 systems worldwide in a variety of applications, including commercial occupancies where a residential stove is in use; such as day care centers, fire stations, home economic labs, and many more.
  • Guardian systems are the only UL/ULC listed systems on the market for residential stoves.
  • Proven cost effective system for commercial occupancies where residential style appliances are in use.

DENLAR Fire Suppression System

  • Pyrotech is an authorized distributor of the DENLAR fire suppression system.
  • The D1000 by DENLAR Fire Protection is the industry’s first fully integrated, pre-engineered fire suppression range hood system.
  • For use over a residential-grade appliance
  • DENLAR’s D1000 is perfect for any commercial space that uses a residential-grade appliance in a “not for profit” cooking application.

What is UL 300?

  • UL 300 is a fire testing standard administered by Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
  • UL 300 went into effect in November 1994
  • Issued to address two major changes in restaurants:
    • (1) the increased prevalence of high energy efficiency cooking appliances which were better able to retain heat; this increased the difficulty of        extinguishment
    • (2) the increased prevalence of low cholesterol vegetable shortening, which has more severe burning characteristics, than animal fat.
  • UL 300 addressed these changes, in part, by increasing the amount of wet chemical protecting a fryer by five times (on average).
    • Additionally, the test protocol for fryers was increased from a simulated pan to an actual commercial gas fryer, the one minute pre-burn was increased to a two-minute pre-burn, fuel remained on during the pre-burn, and a minimum auto-ignition temperature of 685 degrees Fahrenheit was used.
  • A splash test is required for fryers, range tops, and woks. The splash tests prohibits splashes of droplets larger than 3/16″ during system discharge over these appliances.
  • Pre-UL 300 systems, such as dry chemical systems, should be replaced when the AHJ, or insurance company, mandates replacement or when replacement parts and training are no longer provided by the manufacturer. No dry chemical systems have UL 300 listings.
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